Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The Monter Truck's game

Truck Launch Maniac

This a fantactic play of a monster truck. You can mejorate....
Ejoy it


englishrob02@gmail.es said...

Hi, Óscar. Do you remember me?
I'm Robson and I'm writing for you from my house.
Long time since your last post.
I published a post in my blog too.
It's about my secondary school, Manuel Murguía.
Here you have to study a lot.
Have you got many friends at your school?
Answer me please...

I hope your answer. Goodbye!!!

your enemi that can write in inglihs said...

jelou onte e non puiden eat mai fooot o era food ok go de bater a cagar in the cup of de bater oscar is bad person 2 the my list

Anonymous said...

Consumed a strange mix of beer and coffee that came out the other end looking exactly the same