Sunday, 24 May 2009

The irregular verbs and the jobs and professions

Hello teacher and friends in this post I'm going to talk about the
irregular verbs and the jobs and professions:
If you want to see the irregular verbs, click here.
If you want to see the jobs and professions, click here.
Study hard.

The song of Lady Gaga, "Just Dance"

Hello teacher and friends this is a video
of Lady Gaga. Its name is "Just Dance".
Do you like it?
Have a great fun!!!

Saturday, 16 May 2009

When I was at Daniel's house

Hello teacher this video is when I was at Daniel's
house. It's very beautiful.
Enjoy it.

Friday, 8 May 2009

Extinct animals

Hello teacher and friends, in this post I'm going to talk about three extict animals:

THE DODO, extinct from 1681.

The dodo lived on the island of Mauritius. It was
a bird but it didn't fly or swim. It lived on the ground and ate
fruit. People came from Europe to live on the island. They ate
the dodo but... it tasted terrible! So they brought pigs to the island for food.
But the pigs ate the dodo's fruit and the dodos had nothing to eat. In the end all the dodos died.

THE SEA COW, extinct from 1768.

The sea cow was a very big mammal.
It was about the ze of a minibus and it lived in the
freezing water near Alaska.
It didn't have any teeth and it ate very small plants.
Pleople hunted it for food and to make shoes from its skin

THE TIGER WOLF, extinct from 1936.

The tiger wolf was a very strange and beautiful animal. It had a head like
a wolf, stripes on its back like a tiger, and a pouch for its babies like a kangaroo!
It lived in Australia, on the island of Tasmania. It ate small animals.
People hunted and killed the tiger wolf.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

The game "Extreme Pamplona"

Games by Miniclip - Extreme Pamplona
Extreme Pamplona

Play Sure for Men's 'Extreme Pamplona'

This game is about bulls. Is a one of my
favourites games.
Do you like it?
Try it.
Enjoy it.

My slideshow about Spanish football

Hello teacher and friends this is my slideshow about
Spanish football. It´s very easy.
Do you like it?
Enjoy it.