Tuesday, 28 April 2009

My warrior of StarTrek

Create Your Own

Hello teacher this is my warrrior of the StarTrek, his name is Oscar. Is very easy, in a minutes you can finish your warrior of StarTrek. If you can create your warrior of StarTrek go to the blog of my teacher.
Do you like?
Have a great fun!!!!

The song "Highway to Hell" of "AC/DC"

This is the song of "AC/DC", its name is "Highway to Hell",
this is one of my favourites songs.
Do you like it?
Enjoy it.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

My Holy Week in Ourense

Hello teacher in this post I'm going to talk about my holidays in Holy Week. In the Holy Week I went to Ourense, at the thermal springs. In a thermal spring I had a bath. The thermal springs were very, very hot: 41ºC. There were three thermal pools: the first was 41ºC, the second pool was 39ºC and the third pool was 40ºC. There was a cold pool: -5ºC, too. I was in Ourense for three days and two nights, I slept in a hotel room. The name of the hotel was Altiana. It has got two stars. There was a bridge in the centre of Ourense too. The bridge was very, very high. Ourense was very, very pretty.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Hello teacher and friends in this post I'm going to talk about my T-shirt. My T-shirt is red and black and the number is 10. My team is... "F.C Oscar's team" and I'm the best.
Do you like it?
Have a great fun!!!!!!
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