Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The substitute

Hello teacher and friends this is my Pixton, Pixton is a beautiful page for you create differents comics. Is a very good web. The page is http://pixton.com/

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

The video of Disturbia, my favourite song

Hello teacher and friends this is a video of Disturbia, of Rihanna. This is my favourite song. Rihanna is a famous singer. This song in carnival, Robson, Lorena, Noelia Gómez, Mónica, Manuel, Alana, Lucy, Sophie and Jéssica are the dancers of this song of Rihanna in the carnival. I love this song.
Do you like it?
Have a great fun!!!!!
Her page is www.rihannanow.com

Sunday, 1 March 2009

My bedroom in the past and in the present

Hello teacher and friends. In this post I'm going to speak about my bedroom in the present and in the past.

My bedroom in the past.

There was a big window.
There was a grey desk.
There was a chair with wheels.
There was a bed.
There was a long bookcase.
There were two calculators.
There was a computer.

My bedroom in the present.

There are three cushions.
There are two beautiful lamps.
There are three pictures.
There is a long carpet.
There is a little night table.
There are two diferents mirrors.
There is a good bed.

Goodbye teacher and friends.
Do you like my bedroom in the past and in the present?
Have a great fun.

My Photoface for my friends

Hello teacher and friends.
This is my Photoface of Obama.
It's very fun and graceful.
If you want to see my Photoface, click here.
Do you like it?
Enjoy it.